Microsoft Office 365 Business Solutions for SMEs

The idea behind Microsoft Office 365 (the 365 in the name derives from 365 days a year Availability) is to rent services and get them online from a cloud, instead of buying expensive office packages once. Free updates and data security are just a few advantages.

Microsoft not only covers the private end-user market with Microsoft Office 365, but also offers solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. For this purpose, various business packages, which are billed monthly, are offered.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud office. In the cloud services such as the Office package (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.) are available, but also communication tools (Outlook) and online storage. Depending on the package, he or she can decide which services the customer rents, thus saving on the development and expansion of their own IT structure.


Interesting facts about Microsoft Office 365 for business customers


Cost transparency:
Companies book the appropriate option for a monthly fixed fee.

Suitable solution for the actual existing needs:
Basically, a distinction is made whether only online services such as Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, etc. are required, or the current Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft calls an availability of Microsoft Office 365 in the amount of 99,9%. In addition, a 24h telephone support is offered for serious problems.

Simplified teamwork:
Online stored documents can be shared by multiple users and edited at the same time. Communication tools such as Skype allow for quick coordination in the team.

Work fast and flexible on the road:
Microsoft Office 365 is easy to install on all devices. By this, you can access your data at any time.

Data security:
Microsoft Office 365 is ISO 27001 certified and independently tested. This allows users of Microsoft Office 365 to ensure the privacy and compliance requirements required by their customers.

Easy management:
On the management interface, enterprises can independently add or delete new users, set access rules and, in the event of an emergency, delete company data from lost company cell phones.


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