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Learn OpenStack

Understand and learn how to deploy a private cloud using the OpenStack project and implement a state-of-the-art private cloud design. Review cloud computing benefits and challenges seen in today’s enterprise environments and get exposed to cloud deployment best practices and reference example cloud implementations. Put concepts into practice with hands-on lab sessions.

Find the right OpenStack Distro

Not every OpenStack distribution might be the right choice to build your private OpenStack cloud, during our training course we'll show how to deploy different OpenStack distributions and guide you through the selection process.

High Availability and Reference Architecture

Production environments require high availability, which requires a specific HA reference architecture and deployment strategy to prevent single points of failure. During our training we'll introduce how to achieve high availability through redundancy for controller, network and storage nodes and provide a detailed guideline to achieve HA.

Operation, Monitoring and Orchestration

Get in-depth knowledge on OpenStack operation, monitoring and orchestration, learn how to scale and apply security principals to your OpenStack private cloud.

How to use Docker, Kubernetes and choose the right PaaS or CaaS Solution

We guide you how to use Docker, Kubernetes and the right PaaS or CaaS Solution to build and operate scalable cloud applications on top of OpenStack.

OpenStack Fundamentals Administration Course Outline

  1. Course Introduction
  2. OpenStack Cloud Components
  3. Managing VM’s with OpenStack Compute
  4. Reference Architecture
  5. OpenStack Distros Overview, which Distro is the right choice for my organization
  6. Deploying OpenStack on 4-Nodes
  7. Software Defined Networking with Neutron
  8. Distributed Cloud Storage with Ceph and Object Storage with Swift
  9. High Availability Architecture
  10. OpenStack Cloud Orchestration, Monitoring and Metering

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OpenStack Fundamentals Workshop Training Slides

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