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More than just Web Content Management

Our "OpenCms For UCS" Implementation is an enhanced version of OpenCms Website and Web Content Management System integrated with Univention's Directory Server (LDAP) and certified for Univention Corporate Server.

We develop and manage OpenCms based poral solutions since 2004 by large corporations such as Bayer AG and her divisions, as well as by small agencies and schools of art.

OpenCms effortlessly manages all of your company's content, regardless of where the content shall reside, on enterprise portals, corporate websites, in intranet or extranets.

Our team integrates and maintains OpenCms in UCS App Center. You can manage your users through the Univention Directory Manager and add them to different predefined groups to manage multiple websites or allow users to access restricted areas of your site.

With this integration you can build portal solutions with OpenCms on Univention Corporate Server.

For professional support and other “Value Added Services” such as Single-Sign-On, YouTube like Video-Center implementation, publishing Workflow, Multi-Workplace support and OpenCms Cluster implementation, as well as training and development services we'd gladly make you an offer.

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Available as SaaS

OpenCms for UCS ist available by Stylite AG as SaaS and is provided by Univention AppCenter. The Businesspakage can be tested on UCS-Live at any time.

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About Univention App Center

App Center comes with 100 Enterprise Apps

The Univention App Center provides more than 100 Enterprise applications which are tightly intergrated with  Univention Corporate Server, guaranteeing full flexibility for enterprises deplyoing applications in matter of minutes. The applications are pre-configured for instant use and can be integrated in existing environments with a few clicks of the mouse.

In addition to an extensive selection of software from other vendors, Univention App Center also includes all the UCS components and a wide range of expansions. You can find groupware and collaboration software, backup solutions, document management systems, ERP solutions and much more.

The apps can be installed on any system (either locally or on the cloud) with just a few clicks of the mouse and are usually preconfigured and ready for use. Many apps are installed with integration in the UCS management system so that they use the user and rights settings of the existing environment, making management of application-specific settings simple and efficient.

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Download OpenCms for UCS Appliance Now!

OpenCms for UCS

"OpenCms for UCS" is our cloud ready and certified for Univention Corporate Server, download and import the appliance into your Virtaulbox or VMware Player and enjoy the power of openness. You can build your web site immediately!

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ownCloud Integration

OpenCms For UCS comes with native ownCloud Integration.

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OCMS4U Training

Get trained on OpenCms in just 4 hours and master the fundamental concepts and techniques for building enterprise grade website or portal solutions.

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