Get Support For "OpenCms For Univention Corporate Server"

Clouds Sky GmbH integrates and maintains the OpenCms Web Content Management System from Alkacon Software in Germany with Metamesh LDAP and Real File System drivers with ownCloud integration into Univention Corporate Server. You can manage your users in the Univention Management Console and add them to diffent groups either through OpenCms administration backend or through Univention Management Console to manage multiple websites or allow users to access restricted areas of your website.

For professional support and other "Value Added Services" such as Single-Sign-On, Video-Center implementation, publishing Workflow, Multi-Workplace support and OpenCms Cluster implementation as well as training and development services the Clouds Sky GmbH will gladly make you an offer.

All of our services have a price in Professional Support Credits. Whether you want to engage us for quick remote help, or get an on-site training workshop, you just buy as many credits as you need.

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