Development, Operations and Migration of Intranet Sites and Portals

An Intranet is an internal company network, that is not public, but only accessible by employees. An intranet could be used independently from the Internet and often offers a lot of additional features for functionality for employees only.

Business value of an Intranet

Intranet Sites and Portals are mostly design for a special purpose and add business value by improving erfüllen für gewöhlich wohldefinierte Ziele und bringen einen Mehrwert in punkto

  • Internal corporate communications
  • Organisation of business processes
  • Work simplification by providing central or user-, role-, or company-dependant documents, content or self services

Thus the employee has all the information he needs nearby, improving individual work efficency of each employee and the competitiveness of the company in total.

Modern Intranet Portals with VPN for Home Office

Nowadays an Intranet is no longer neccessarily areal bound to some form of LAN (Local Area Network). It's often accessible for employees from any browser anywhere with Internet connection - like home office - via Virtual Private Network (VPN). Today most of the major enterprises and authorities own an Intranet with a variety of different sites and portals.

Using the same corporate design (CI = corporate identity) on all user interfaces could spawn an increased sense of belonging to the company's employees. Modern intranet portals of large enterprises have a more international orientation, featuring localized sub-sites for overseas branches (multi-site, multi-language).

User access with LDAP and Single-Sign-On on Web Portals

Thanks to Single-Sign-On mechanisms like Kerberos or SAML there's no need to manually log in to portal built-in applications. User accounts and access management can be retrieved automatically form the central Identy & Access Management (IAM) via LDAP connector (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

Benefit from Clouds Sky's long-time experience in Developing and Operating (DevOps) of Intranet Sistes and -Portals

As an external service provider Clouds Sky supports Bayer AG and Covestro AG in running a lot of Intranet Sites and Portals, that grew over a long period and get steadily expanded and restructured to adapt them to internal business processes and modernized IT landscapes. Benefit from our expertise in Developing, Redesign, Relaunch or System Migration of your Intranet Sites and Portals.

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