Our Partnership with Rancher Labs

Together with our Most Valuable Partner Rancher Labs we build innovative, open source software that makes it easy to deploy and manage containers in production on any infrastructure based on Rancher products (Rancher Server, RancherOS and Rancher Catalog).

Rancher products enables organizations to accelerate all aspects of their software development pipeline, from writing and testing code to running complex microservices-based applications. Rancher's flagship container management platform, allows users to easily manage all aspects of running containers in development and production environments on Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and their awesome Cattle orchestration engines, on any infrastructure. With well over four million downloads, Rancher has quickly become the tools of choice for teams serious about running containers in production. This includes large enterprises such as Sony, IBM, Tyco, Align Technologies and more.

Get access to Rancher on AWS or OTC

For our customers and prospects in Germany we provide free access to our lab environment running Rancher on RancherOS on AWS EC2 or OTC with a free one hour consultation at any time. You can test and enjoy Rancher for 7 days for free and see for yourself how Rancher can boost your business needs.

Become Cloudless with our
Rancher-as-a-Service Offering

If you'd like to become cloudless* and let us run Rancher as a Service with enterprise grade support for you, we'd be more than happy to hear from you.

*cloudless means you don't need to interact directly with AWS, OTC or any other cloud porvider.

If we could be of help, please contact us

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