Support Credits: Pay As You Go

Professional Support Credits are what you can buy in order to use our services. All of our services have a price in Professional Support Credits. Whether you want to engage us for quick remote help, or an on-site training workshop, you just buy as many credits as you need.

Support Credits scale as your needs scale, our discount model ensures that as you buy more, the price per credit drops. But if a tiny credit package is what you need, we have that for you too. You can buy as few as only 8 credits, equivalent to one day of remote consultancy.

What does a credit cost?

  • One credit costs € 150
  • A minimum order of at least 8 credits is required

You're used to paying consultants by the hour, so you'd like a feel for what credits are worth?

  • 1 hour of expert remote consultancy: 1 credits
  • 1 full day of on-site training or consultancy: 8 credits (travel cost is not included)
  • 5-days on-site training workshop: 38 credits (automatic 5% discount, travel cost is not included)
  • 10-days consulting and development: 72 credits (automatic 10% discount, travel cost in Germany is included)
  • 100-days DevOps: 680 credits (automatic 15% discount, travel cost in Europe is included)
  • 200-days DevOps: 1280 credits (automatic 20% discount, travel cost worldwide is included)

Once you buy credits, you immediately gain access to our expert consultants within one week.

How can you buy credits?

Buying credits is as easy as giving us a call.

Let's Talk

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