RFS Driver for OpenCms

Fast Development

  • Have all your module files in your IDE - no clumsy OpenCms file editor anymore!

  • Make changes to your JSPs and other module files in your IDE without having to import your module or to synchronize and restart

  • Better debugging of JSPs - JSPs are executed from their webapp path and so your IDE can find them for debugging

Fast Deployment

  • Just unzip your module to your webapp folder and restart OpenCms - no time consuming module updates anymore where your application is not available for minutes (deleting all resources, publishing, importing all resources, publishing, exporting, restart). The RFS driver will read in all files, their properties and even resource types and explorer types

  • In automated deployments there is no need to script with CmsShell, where the process is also as time consuming as with manual updates

  • In a cluster setup there could be even no downtime at all

Support for large files like videos

  • keep large files out of the DB!
    The normal process in OpenCms for serving a binary file is to load the file content at first completely from the DB into memory (a byte array) and then write it to the output stream. The drawbacks are that it takes some time (the larger the file the longer it takes) until OpenCms starts to send data to the client and that it requires much heap space. Another drawback is that the dump loader from OpenCms does not support HTTP range requests (e.g. for pseudo streaming or resuming canceled downloads).

  • Improved dump loader that streams those large files directly from the RFS

  • Playback of videos can start instantly

  • jump immediately to any position of a video without having it fully downloaded due to support for HTTP range requests

  • uses only 4 KB of heap for buffering!


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