OCCX - OpenCms Cloud eXtensions

About OpenCms Cloud eXtensions (OCCX)

  • Provides Multi Workplace Support for OpenCms
  • Provides a Cloud Ready Version of OpenCms
  • Supports elasticity in OpenCms Clusters
  • Supports building OpenCms based hybrid cloud solutions
  • Empowers Clouds Sky’s OpenCms CloudSite offering
  • Is going to engage and innovate the next generation of OpenCms

OCCX Multi Workplace Support

  • Multi- Workplace support for international companies
    • support low latency in different geographic regions for:
      • authoring and user productivity
      • high availability
  • Comes with Zero Configuration
    • all instances have the same configuration
    • no master/slave design - all nodes are equal
    • fault tolerance - removing one node won't hurt others
    • every node can serve the OpenCms Workplace at ANY Time, ANY Where with sticky sessions
  • Single Bare-Metal Cluster
    • Bare-Metal Cloud
  • Eucalyptus Cluster
    • Quick-Scale
    • Auto-Scale
  • Get Unlimited with Amazon EC2 / AWS with Auto-Scaling
  • Runs on ProfitBricks (The German IaaS Company)
    • Apply awesome Vertical Scaling
    • Manual horizontal scaling with free load balancers
    • Half the Price (compared to Amazon)
    • Twice the Speed (compared to Amazon)

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