ECM - Development and Operation (DevOps) of Web and Intranet Portals based on Enterprise Level Content Management Systems

Websites and Web Portals of large enterprises don't have much in common with the small onepager from the shop around the corner. Large intranet portals will be hit by many employees causing a huge payload of transferred data and massive use of provided functionality like self services. Large Websites or portals on the internet often provide excessive information about a company and its products or services and still have to ofter a good User Experience at low latency to be competitve in a market with many desktop or mobile users. So the CMS or cloud application running serving the website has to ofter ease of use to the content editor or manager, provide flexible functionality to cover use cases like approval processes and all that at a high reliability, security and performance.

Many Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM) in the wild

Our experts at Clouds Sky support companies with a high diversity of powerful Content Management Systems, capable of running multi-language, multisite portals at a high payload with low latency.

Most Enterprise Level CMS like FirstSpirit, SiteCore, Magnolia, Alfresco are offered at more or less high license fees from the software producer itself. Clouds Sky offers its customers support at developing functionality, plugins, modules or templates for this and even more exotic Systems based on JAVA, C# or PHP. We can handle fresh setups, design from scratch, adapt, extend or migrate existing installations - assumed a valid license is owned and provided by the customer.
That's why - when it comes to devoping new websites or portals, or when license fees should be cut down - we prefer the Open Source Java Content Management System OpenCms, which fis capable of very large sites at a high performance and works with most of databases run in large enterprises like Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL and MS SQL.

Server Response time and failover could be optimized by use of additional Content Delivery Networks (CDN) like Akamai or Cloudflare.

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