Use Cases and reference projects - Mobile App Development

Here you will find an overview of mobile App Devlopment that Clouds Sky realized for its customers. Among those areout-of-the-box concepts and modules for mobile apps, that could be reused, configured and customized for you as a customer

Mobile App Development - Modular Concepts and reusable Componentes


Customizable to the client's needs.

Clouds Sky has developed a mission tracking app for internal use, that could be customized for all kinds of use cases. Contact us for your company specific smartphone app, that could be used for mission-tracking of your company's field-based staff.

The mission tracking app could replace the manual logging (based on pen and paper) of field-based work time at a client's location. Make it easy for your employees to collect all the neccessary data just-in-time using modern mobile devices and have all the data needed for accounting, billing and taxes in your datacenter.

Mobile App Development - completed customer projects,use cases

Highlights some major completed projects for our customers

  • Backend Development for Mobile App Bayer Career Quiz

The Bayer Career App combines a playful approach of a knowledge quiz with valuable information for Bayer as an employer and applicants who will find all job vacancies at Bayer Global and all contact options, where they can meet Bayer HR staff at careers fairs, congresses, events and presentations.

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