Reinforcement for the Clouds Sky GmbH

  • 6/7/18 5:36 AM
  • Anja Daniels

Since the middle of last month we are looking forward to additional support in our small but growing Clouds Sky Team.New is Christian Frank, who will assist us as a Lead Cloud Architect in our upcoming tasks.


What Christian has previously gained from professional experience, you can learn from his CV:

Christian is a senior Lead Solution Consultant in the Cloud and Data Centre automation space with many years of experience in IT Transformation and the Telecoms Industry. He is an ardent supporter of OpenStack and other Open Source projects, such as Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, and his current focus is to firmly establish Cloud Native Computing in Enterprise IT and as a base for Network Function Virtualization.

He is also leading and facilitating community outreach events on numerous occasions, working together with Marketing; in 2017 he organized the OpenStack Day for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, together with the OpenStack Foundation, for the third time. He is also actively participating in Meetups on Software Architecture, Container Technology and Orchestration.

Christian works closely with educational institutions, to promote OpenStack and Container technology to future generations of engineers and has on several occasions been asked to speak in public.

He is now expanding his portfolio and broadening his skills by moving from a corporate role to a freelance consultancy.

For most of his career Christian has been travelling extensively and enjoys working with customers from all over the globe.

He currently lives in Cologne, Germany and has two underage sons.

We look forward to working with Christian and wish him every success in the upcoming tasks.

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