OpenCmp: The Cloud Ready Open Content Management Platform

OpenCmp is our cloud ready, auto-scalable Content Management Platform supporting OpenCms For UCS, Drupal and WordPress running on top of our Cloud Application Management Platform powered by OpenStack and the Docker Container Technology.

OpenCmp enables any kind of organizations to create, manage and run auto-scalable web-workloads including business websites, and large intranet portals with the highest level of true elasticity. With OpenCmp organizations can provide not only enterprise grade content and collaboration management solutions, but also provide auto-scalable applications and services to their end users.

OpenCmp Benefits

SMEs and large Enterprises can use OpenCmp to run their content management initiatives in the public cloud or behind their own firewalls.

OpenCmp enables your operation team to perform fast and reliable deployments on your staging and production environment without any service interuption or downtime of your corporate website and says goodby to server restarts.

OpenCmp on Public Cloud

We manage everything for you, including operation and security, saving you time and frustration. We've partnered with ProfitBricks and Amazon Web Services to provide world-class Cloud Website and Content Management Services that's fast, secure, super reliable and affordable. 

OpenCmp on Private Cloud

For on-premises deplyoments, OpenCmp runs on any auto-scalable private cloud environment such as Eucalyptus, OpenStack and other private cloud operating systems with the ability to build hybrid cloud soultions for your business.

OpenCmp In A Nutshell

OpenCmp is the foundation to provide a cloud-ready, distributable, cluster-ready and a cloudified version of well known open source content management systems such as Drupal, OpenCms and WordPress, which integrates a data grid cache platform for hyperscale impementation and high availability to provide:

  • True elasticity for your web sites.
  • Unlimited number of cluster nodes with true horizontal scaling.
  • Auto- discovery and recognition of new nodes.
  • Detection and notification about joined/left/crashed nodes.
  • Auto-scaling (scale up, scale out and scale down).
  • Zero configuration, all instances have the same configuration.
  • No master/slave design - all nodes are equal.
  • Fault tolerance - removing one node won't hurt others, this implies that every node can serve the OpenCms Workplace at ANY time with sticky sessions.
  • Multi- workplace support for international companies (low latency).
  • Social network integration.
  • Single-Sign-On and LDAP Support.

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